Office: C5b/060

Passionate about science, climate and global change outreach and the analysis of social movements and climate justice. Trained as a biologist with a specialisation in biodiversity (UB, 2015), but from the beginning she has worked as a science communicator (Master's Degree in Scientific, Medical and Environmental Communication, BSM - UPF 2016). A profession that has allowed me to be part of the CREAF Communication team since March 2016. I am also currently a student of Humanities at the UOC (on a slow burner).

I am passionate about writing articles, reports and all kinds of content related to the natural environment, seeing the evolution of social networks dedicated to science topics (such as @creaf_ecologia) and the strength of the communities involved in citizen science projects. I have also been involved since 2016 in the knowledge transfer platform Prismàtic, a pioneer in Spain in the field of knowledge transfer from research to the management and planning of natural heritage and biodiversity.