Office: C5/1118

Cristina Domingo-Marimon, (PhD in Geograph, Master in Remote Sensing and GIS, degree in Biology) is a researcher in the consolidated research group GRUMETS (Methods and Applications in Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems) working and developing several international and national research projects (e.g.MONALISA, BESTMAP, ESA HRLC CCI+ Phase 2, ACAPI, RegimShift, FenoAula or Fenotwin). At this moment, she is the PI of HE MONALISA Project, dealing with restoration practices in drylands and its remote sensing monitoring. She has been also the PI of H202 BESTMAP and LIFE+ NewLife4Dryalndsa, as well as participating in H2020 ECOPOTENTIAL, H2020 EOTIST or ESA PhenoTandem among others.
Her career has brought her to do research stays at centres of international reference such as the Universität Trier in Germany and the National Drought Mitigation Center at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in the United States of America.

Her research interests are focused on the use of remote sensing as a tool for the analysis of natural and climatic patterns, especially drought, analyzing and describing mechanisms of such events. She is also interested in the role of Earth Observation as a tool for monitoring and improving ecosystem services and works on the analysis of dynamics of vegetation changes, whether natural or agricultural.

She is the former scientific coordinator of the Master in Remote Sensing and GIS and currently she has been associated lecturer of the Degree in Geography and Regional Planning at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona for 6 years. Cristina has collaborated in others Master and participated as a lecturer at the International Leonardo da Vinci Program. Until today, she has supervised and conducted more than 9 final Masters Projects and she is currently co-supervising 2 PhD students.