935814666 (4037144)
Office: C5/1086

PhD in Biology (1993), Ecology programme. Prof of Ecology at UB.

My research interests and lecturing activities have been the study of forest structure and functioning, carbon, water, and nutrient balances, as well as ecophysiological responses of forests to climate change, drought, forest fires and forest management. Nevertheless, in a broader picture, I am interested on the study and analyses of the effects of climate and global change on our biosphere, including human societies. This is aiming at a better understanding and at the implementation of management options for adaptation and mitigation. Co-author of GOTILWA+; a model that simulates forest growth under different scenarios of management and environmental conditions. This model is and has been used for research, as well as tool for practical forest related courses. I have been active in many European, National and Regional research projects. Principal Investigator (PI) of EU funded projects (as El NIÑO, ATEAM, GREENCYCLES, GREENCYCLES II, CLIMSAVE, LOCOMOTION, LIFE DEMORGEST, LIFE Terra), member of the Management Committee of EU COST Actions, PI of two INIA-funded projects, and PI of three funded projects by Spanish research programmes (MEDFORESTREAM, MEDSOUL, ECO-Reactors). I am involved on ecological sustainability and energy transition projects, as well as in many activities and projects to communicate to the society the challenges related to Climate and Global Change.



Forest Ecophysiology and functioning including the interactions with environmental conditions, Dynamics of carbon water and nutrient stocks in forest ecosystems, Effects of disturbances on forests structure and their dynamics

Reserves and flows of carbon and nutrients , Hydrological resources in terrestrial ecosystems, Forest management and conservation

Modelling forest ecosystems functioning, Systems to measure carbon fluxes in terrestrial Ecosystems.