Office: C5/1132
PhD in Sciences at the Universitat  Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB, 1992). She is now a researcher at CREAF. Since October 2022 I am the Chair of the Society for Ecological Restoration Iberoamerica and the Caribbean (SER-IAC).
Her research is focused on soil ecology and biodiversity. From a basic research approach, she studies the biodiversity and environmental functions of the soil food webs. Using an applied approach, she is looking for biological indicators of soil quality and also works in soil restoration. From a broader perspective, she participates in projects related to landscape planning and restoration, principally in tropical areas.
She has coordinated competitive national and international projects in the aforementioned areas of expertise. She currently coordinates projects and is involved in several initiatives intended to transform biomass from farms, forests and cities into products useful for application to soil, with the aim of improving its quality and increasing its potential for carbon sequestration.

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Xarxes tròfiques del sòl, Reutilització de biomassa

Soil ecology, Ecological restoration of terrestrial ecosystems, Integrated land planning