Office: C5b/050

I am a Forest Engineer, MsC in Wildfires and PhD in Diversity and Function in Mediterranean Ecosystems in the Autonomous University of Barcelona. My research is focused on large wildfires, crown fires and the effects of forest structure on fire behavior and fire severity.

During my PhD I explained the causes that initiated crown fires with high intensity out of extinction capacity and I identified forest structures with higher potential to spread these fires. I studied the fires when they were burning when I went with firefighters from Catalonia and post-wilfire reconstructing the fire behavior and wildfire severity.

Currently I’m studying extreme events as droughts and wildfires in the global change scenario and their relations with ecosystems services and the carbon emissions.



The causes and consequences of the large wildfires and crown fires and the carbon emissions associated. The fire severity and fire behavior from the different forest structure in Mediterranean forests. The relation between ecosystems services and extreme events caused by climate change.


Recent publications under CREAF affiliation