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Project duration: 
Nov 2016 to Nov 2018

The forest and health project aims to monitor the health status of forests and create a forest alert system through a citizen science platform.


The main objective will be to develop a project in which, through volunteer involvement, society generates a forest health warning system (pests or other important affectations). In contact with other projects developed by CREAF (such as the DEBOSCAT monitoring project), this alert system will allow us to complement our knowledge about changes in the health status of forests and to bring their problems closer to citizenship (Module 1 of the project).

The second objective of the project will be to project the future of forest health and its vulnerabilities under different scenarios of global change. In this subobjective, we intend to evaluate the effects of changes in fire regimes and climate on Mediterranean forests. The assessments will be developed from the improvement of the modeling tools available on the Mediterranean Landscape Modeling (MED-LDM) platform and future projections and maps of the state of the forests will be generated following the guidelines proposed by international initiatives in this field.