Office: C5b/-148

I am an enviromental scientist (Universitat de Barcelona, 2008-2013) and Master in Ecology, Management and Environmental Restoration (Universitat de Barcelona, 2013-2015). Passionate about plants and forest ecosystems, I am interested in vegetation and landscape studies, forest and fire ecology and the use of Geographic Information Systems. I have worked in research about prescribed burning effects on vegetation and fuel models.

Moreover, I am interested in the alliance between graphical arts (graphic design, photography), the digital world and science for the creation of visually attractive contents and materials that help in the transmission of the scientific knowledge to the public. I also believe in the power of the environmental volunteering as a transformation tool for the society and as a way of environmental awareness.

Currently, I am workin in CREAF in the SPAMCREUS project, preparing the proposal of catalog of the Cap de Creus National Park protected and endangered fauna and flora.



Mediterranean vegetation, Geographic Information Systems, biodiversity conservation, fire ecology, illustration, graphic design, photography.