Office: C5/1112

The priority line of interest in my career relates to water management policies in the context of global change. By its nature, this topic entails collaborating with people with different professional profiles and implies the need for adopting a multidisciplinary approach. An agricultural engineer by training, I have been able to expand and diversify my knowledge through work experience developing projects, conducting studies and coordinating collaboration networks with organizations and entities of different kind, such as NGOs, service entities, research groups and public administrations.

Since 2013 I am a member of the Water and Global Change Research at CREAF and develop different projects focusing on improving governance strategies for adaptation in the Mediterranean region. My work aims at promoting scientific knowledge to be taken up in management and policy making processes, adopting an integrated view of socioecological systems and fostering co-production of solutions. Member of the Foundation for a New Water Culture, I have an extensive experience in promoting participatory processes and creating deliberative spaces.