Office: C5b/010

Angela Ribas is professor of Ecology at the Autonomous University of Barcelona since 2018 and researcher at CREAF.

Her background is on the study of atmosphere-biosphere interactions linked with plant ecology and ecophysiology aspects. Her subjects of study are: biogeochemical cycling, climate change, atmospheric pollution, surface ozone concentrations and its precursors (biogenic VOCs and NOx emissions), GHG fluxes (including CO2, CH4 and N2O), soil ecology and functioning of terrestrial ecosystems. Lately, her research has been focussing on functional processes in biological communities to establish the basis for the sustainable management of agroecosystems, mainly grasslands. The current applicant’s research interests include the study of GHG fluxes linked to soil ecosystem functioning; and the impact of management and climate regime on this relationship, including the processes that occur along trophic webs and within the soil-microbe-plant-atmosphere system.


Atmosphere-plant-soil relationships, Relationship between diversity and ecosystem functioning, Biogeochemical cycles