Contracts and agreements
Project duration: 
Jan 2005 to Dec 2008

The SIBosC (Information System on Catalan Forests) basically draws on the databases generated by forest inventories such as the Ecological and Forest Inventory of Catalonia (IEFC) and the 2nd and 3rd editions of the National Forest Inventory (IFN2 and IFN3, respectively) and the digital thematic cartography generated by CREAF (Land cover map of Catalonia and combustible materials and flammability maps).


Work is under way to develop tools (to make information easily accessible to public administration, to all those involved in or associated with the forestry sector and to members of the public in general) such as the MiraBosc application, the on-line version of which permits real time search of the IEFC, IFN2 and IFN3 databases via the Internet. Searches are carried out by easy-to-use menus which permit an immediate response.
Moreover, new information, either at the request of the public administration or on the project’s own initiative, is being generated. The SIBosC system has been used in the annexes to the manual for drawing up Technical Plans for Forest Management and Improvement (PTGMF) produced by the Centro de la Propiedad Forestal (Forest Estates Centre), and in the preparation of the new General Forest Policy Plan. The system has made it possible to calculate forest carbon stocks on the basis of overground tree biomass and expansion factors, and has supplied information for the 2005 Report on the environment and sustainable development. Recently, the SIBosC team has prepared texts on ecological Indicators within the framework of the IFN3, published by the Ministry of the Environment as part of the series of publications of the Third National Forest Inventory.


El SIBosC es beneficia, a més, de les aplicacions informàtiques desenvolupades al CREAF per gestionar aquestes dades: MiraBosc (un gestor de bases de dades), amb una versió en línia (MiraBosc On-Line) i MiraMon(un sistema d'informació geogràfica).

Al document «Taller de SIBosC» trobareu tota la informació relativa a la utilització de «MiraBosc en línia» i els principals conceptes sobre els inventaris forestals, el mapa de cobertes, els mapes de models i les dades que se'n poden extereure.