SIG Pesca
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Project duration: 
Oct 1998 to Dec 2012

SIGPesca is the Geographical Information System of the Directorate of Fisheries and Maritime Affairs of the Catalan Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, developed in conjunction with CREAF since 1999.


The system provides all the relevant cartographic information in the field of the maritime and terrestrial management of the Catalan coastal region. Among other databases, it includes the nautical maps of the Hydrographic Institute of the Spanish Navy (IHM), maritime-terrestrial protection zones, species cartography, legal aspects relating to the delimitation of territorial waters, zones suitable for cage fish-farming, etc.
Information is also gathered on the Directorate’s browser/server which offers fully operable layers in compliance with OGC standards, allowing search and download capability. The maps are available in the two projection systems used in this field: UTM 31N and Mercator.



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