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Project duration: 
Feb 2006 to Mar 2008

The cartographic visualiser of geographical information about protected natural spaces in the Spanish State is based on the "MiraMon Map navigator ". 


The navigator is a totally configurable (position, fonts and colours) set of HTML pages compatible with the majority of current Internet browsers.

It incorporates JavaScript code to perform functions such as visualization, zoom, panning and moving around the map, as well as localization search, locating a place on a predefined list, downloading, metadata, situation, animation, etc., of one or more MiraMon servers or other servers which respond to standard WMS (Web Map Service) or WCS (Web Coverage Service) requests.

The server application is an executable CGI which can be directly installed on the web server. It is a very fast, light-weight server permitting a large number of concurrent users. The navigator setupapplication and the server make it possible to determine most of the navigator’s properties from a pleasant visual environment. It also permits management of the layers offered by the server.

The cartographic visualiser of the Spanish protected natural spaces can be consulted