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Project duration: 
Sep 2006 to Jan 2007

Technical assistance for the application of the GOTILWA+ model in the pilot headwaters basin of the river Tordera. Analysis of the evolution of the base flow of rivers and seasonal rivers through study of the groundwater reserves estimated for the foreseeable climate change hypotheses.


The aim of this project is to estimate the evolution of the groundwater reserves in a given territory for different climate change scenarios. In view of the interrelations and fundamental importance of forest masses in the territorial hydrological balance, the GOTILWA+ model, designed specifically for the analysis of this type of relationship and balance, is applied in an attempt to establish the relations between the concept of groundwater reserves resulting from its calculations and the base flow of rivers and seasonal rivers in order to assess the probable future evolution of river flows in climate change situations.
The initial climate scenarios are taken from among those proposed by international organizations and the proposed area of analysis is the upper Tordera basin. This analysis will later be complemented with a confrontation of the groundwater reserves data and the hydrological regime of rivers and seasonal rivers in the territory studied, in order to obtain from this relationship a perspective of the evolution of base flows in drainage courses under the foreseeable climate change conditions.


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