Office: C5b/030
Xavier Domene obtained his PhD in Biology in the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB), and I carried out several postdoctoral stays in Universidade de Coimbra (Portugal)Universidade de São Paulo (Brasil)Cornell University (EEUU) and at INIA (Madrid). Since 2008 he carry out teaching in Soil Science and Ecotoxicology in the Ecology Unit of the UAB and as researcher in CREAF. My current research interests are
  1. Containment and reversal of soil degradation, both in natural and agricultural environments to preserve its ecosystem services.
  2. Promoting and quantifying soil carbon stocks and managing GHG emissions to mitigate global change.
  3. The study of innovative strategies to cope with the expected scarcity of mineral nutrient sources.
  4. The study of soil biodiversity as a value and tool for managing ecosystem services.
  5. The promotion of the study of non-agricultural soils to feed into other research fields, such as ecology, forestry and urban planning.
  6. The communication and transfer of the environmental, economic and social benefits of sustainable soil management practices.


Ecotoxicology of soil, Soil Biology, Soil protection