Office: C5/1074

I study plant and soil biota responses to changes in their environment, including those arising from global change factors (e.g., increased temperatures, altered precipitation regimes, altered land use), and how that may affect ecosystem functioning. Much of my work has focused on bryophytes. For example, I have studied how productivity, carbon cycling, and diversity of moss communities respond to altered precipitation regimes, fire, or changes in hydrochemistry, and the effect of these changes on the bryosphere biota (nematodes, mites, springtails). Other interests include the effect of loss of plant functional groups, increased fire severity, or management (e.g., biochar application) on plant growth, plant diversity, and ecosystem greenhouse gas exchange.

At CREAF, as part of the Ecosystem Diversity and Macroecology research team (https://elemdiv.netlify.app/), I study the relationship between the elemental composition of organisms and their functional traits, and how elemental composition and its diversity may drive productivity and stability in ecosystems.