Office: C5b/-122b

I have a Master's Degree in Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems (UAB-CREAF, 2010) and a degree in Environmental Sciences (UB, 2009).

My experience focuses on the management of databases, the use of GIS tools and geospatial modeling. I have collaborated in several research projects, mainly related to the modeling of climate and vegetation, as well as its dissemination through map browsers under OGC standards. I have co-developed the Andorran Climate Digital Atlas and the Map of aptitude for the production of sweet fruit in Catalonia (FruitMap) among other datasets. Here in the CREAF I am part of the Grup d’Ecologia dels Canvis Ambientals (GECA), lidered by Dr. Jordi Catalan, participating as GIS technician in projects of analysis of the lacustrine ecosystem for the ecological understanding of the high mountain.