Office: C5b/046
I have been a researcher at CREAF since January 2002. I was formerly a reader in Forest Science and Silviculture at the Universitat de Lleida.
My main research lines include the dynamics of Mediterranean forests and in particular:
  • The analysis of the role of management and site quality on forest structure.
  • The role of forest structure on fire behaviour and severity after large wild fires.
I am also working in the analysis of inventory data and I have coordinated a forest inventory of singular forests in Catalonia, which includes a reference system for the plurifunctional management of the forest, and the development of a computer tool for the analysis and quantification of the different values of the forest.
I am also coordinating a series of technical guides of good practices in forest management for scientists and managers for the main forest habitats in Catalonia. I have participated in projects funded by the UE, in national projects and in relevant contracts with administrations.



Dynamics and carbon balance of Mediterranean forests under climatic and management gradients, Causes and consequences of large fires and land use changes and their impact on animal and plant communities, Identification assessment and conservation of singular forest