Office: C5/1112
Environmental scientist (BSc, Autonomous University of Barcelona UAB, 1996) and PhD in Ecology (UAB 2002).
During the academic years 2003/04 and 2005/06 I combined research with teaching, as an associate lecturer, in the degrees of Biology, Environmental Sciences and Biotechnology at the UAB. Currently, my research is oriented towards the analysis of vulnerability to global change in water use and the definition of adaptation measures (ACCUA and CLICO projects).
Recently, I have participated in the FP7 BeWater and LIFE MEDACC projects. Currently, I am involved in the technical coordination of the LIFE MIDMACC project and the Sudoe MONTCLIMA project.



Global change, Drought, Forest fires

Global change, Water in terrestrial ecosystems, Forest Ecology

Drought vulnerability assessment, Adaptation strategies design