Office: C5b/060

I hold a degree in Biology (2005) by the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, and a Master in Scientific and Environmental Communication (2007) by the Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Since 2011 I have been CREAF's Communications director. My tasks include defining CREAF's communication strategy, preparing institutional material, managing internal and external communication, supporting the centre's researchers in the organisation of workshops, seminars and technical conferences, preparing specific communication plans for national and international projects, and managing databases of audiences of interest. I also coordinate the content and strategy of the institutional website, the news blog and different social media channels: Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube. With my team we lead the communication of strategic citizen science projects such as Mosquito Alert, Forest Alert, COS4CLOUD and the Urban Butterfly Observatory mBMS, and we coordinate the knowledge dissemination platform Prismàtic.

During my professional career I have always worked in the field of science dissemination and corporate communication for research centres. I have worked as a scientific editor in the Communication Area of the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona (2007), in the Centro Cochrane Iberoamerican (2008) and as a scientific promoter in the GIRO Centre Tecnològic (2008-2010).

I collaborate with the programme Avui sortim, on RNE, both when it was directed and presented by Samantha Villar, and afterwards. I have collaborated with the programme Els Matins on TV3, coordinating the climate crisis section, and with the radio programme Sapiencia on La Xarxa, coordinating the environmental section. I am a member of the Catalan Association of Scientific Communication.