National Projects
Project duration: 
Dec 2004 to Dec 2007

Responses of mixed holm oak and oak forests to forest management and drought: analysis of their recovery from the perspective of global change.


This project is carried out in the experimental area of Biosca (Serra de Castelltallat), which was burned in a fire in 1998. This area is representative of the post-fire regeneration of numerous areas of central Catalonia, where holm oak and oak resprouted vigorously after fire.
The aims of the project are to analyze the effect of drought and forest management (the thinning of resprouts) on the growth and survival of holm oaks and oaks, on the carbon balance and nutrients of both species, on their accumulation of reserves (starch) and on the carbon flow in the soil. It also uses modeling to analyze the effects of different projections of climate change scenarios on these species.
The experimental management treatments were carried out in the spring of 2004, while the drought application was conducted in 2005. A meteorological station was set up to measure the environmental conditions and a TDR probe was used to measure soil conditions.
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