How are mountain systems responding to the effects of global change?

The MtnLab is a CREAF research group led by Bernat Claramunt and focused on mountain systems. In front of the environmental, social and economic challenges that mountain regions face, the members of the group use experimental, theoretical and observational approaches and methodologies to understand how global change will affect these ecosystems.

At MtnLab we understand mountains as complex socio-ecological systems, where natural communities cannot be separated from their social and economic context. For this reason, we have projects where we study in situ from the microbial activity to the community of large ungulates in areas with a gradient of human presence; and research projects in which we use theoretical models and complex systems approaches to understand the web of interactions between the natural, economic and social components of mountain regions. We explore how new governance and development systems can contribute to the sustainability of mountain regions, and we develop knowledge transfer tools, such as gamification, to take this reality closer to society.

MtnLab leads NEMOR, the Network for European Mountain Research.


Main researcher

External members: 

Anna Giorgi

Coordinatore scientifico del CRC Ge.S.Di.Mont
Miguel Lurgi Rivera

Miguel Lurgi Rivera

Senior Lecturer, Biosciences, University of Swansea

Jana Marco

Biologist and ecologist, University of Alicante

Albert Burgas Riera

Biologist Specialized in Vertebrates, Ecology and Biodiversity Management

Marta Guadalupe Rivera Ferre

Agroecology Chair Director

Feliu López i Gelats

Researcher and part-time assistant lecturer at Agroecology and Food Systems Chair in UVic
Lasse Loepfe

Lasse Loepfe

Game developer with scientific background