European Union Projects
Project duration: 
Feb 2012 to Jan 2014

GeoViQua's primary goal is to augment GEOSS Common Infrastructure (GCI) with innovative quality-aware visualisation tools and geo-search capabilities, providing to the user community with enhanced and advanced tools available through the GEO Portal and other end-user tools.


GeoViQua has 3 major scientific and technical objectives:

  1. The provision of innovative tools to enhance the current infrastructure capability. GeoViQua's major technical innovation is search and visualization tools for the community that communicate and exploit data quality information from GEOSS catalogues.
  2. The development of the GEOLabel. Within GeoViQua, GEOLabel requirements are identified (Work Package 2), integrated with components (WP6), validated and applied into pilot cases (WP7), and disseminated to the community (WP8). This task will be completed in collaboration with the GEO task ST-09-02.
  3. The harmonization, exploitation and dissemination of project outputs. A careful validation process is conducted in collaboration with a number of communities of practice and standards committees to ensure that the project contributes effectively to the GCI (GEOSS Common Infrastructure) architecture. Collaboration with AIPs (Architecture Implementation Pilot) will be continuous.



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