Get involved in a scientific community, learn and enjoy yourself doing science with us all over the territory.

CREAF has been generating knowledge about ecology, global change and biodiversity for over 30 years. But we can’t take all the credit. Our centre is a stronghold of public engagement and citizen science projects for which we team up with the general public, with each member being both a citizen and a scientist. ¿Care to join us? You’ll get the chance to learn, do research, drive change in natural systems and territorial management, and raise awareness for the environment. This is a multifaceted team that, with you, will get even richer and go further.

Explore those areas of nature that spring your interest, identify the projects that work on them and take your pick. Also, find out about campaigns you can contribute to right now. Let’s go!


Active campaigns you can engage in:


Explore citizen science projects by area!

  • Fauna

  • Flora

  • Phenology

  • Bioindicators

  • Urban ecology

  • Forest ecology

  • Biodiversity monitoring

  • Invasive species

  • Public health

  • Climate change

Help us assess the state
of health of forests.

Observe the effects of climate
change on nature.

Discover the butterflies
living in your city.

Explore metropolitan parks and beaches looking for butterflies.

Become a mammal detective. Natural Heritage and Biodiversity Observatory.

Fight disease-carrying

Drink in the wildlife
of the Andorran Pyrenees.

Carry nature
in your pocket.

The citizen science promoted by CREAF has the support of the Caixa Enginyers Foundation