Science with and for Society​

We are creating open projects to collect and share information with the help of thousands of citizens. Are you interested in biodiversity, invasive species, forest health or phenology? Do you want to be an ambassador in your area to help us improve our global science?

You can join us from your mobile using our apps or from your browser visiting our websites. 

Let's put citizen science into action and build up different community datasets produced by you!

We need your eyes, you can be the guardian of nature. 

Citizens are capable of identifying signs of environmental risks, and citizen observation can contribute to initial warnings based on changes in key indicators (e.g. rising water levels, invasive alien species presence, changes in phenology).

The rise of citizen science in education is turning classrooms into labs and pupils into pioneers, with projects investigating humanity's impact on the planet among the most accessible for schools.

A key goal of CREAF is to provide opportunities for lifelong learning about the environment through observations in nature. Our goal over the next few years is to bring this powerful educational experience to as broad an audience as possible, young and old, in school and out.

Our inspiring success stories of Citizen Science

Mosquito Alert Citizen Science to against tiger mosquito

Natusfera Nature at your fingertips

RitmeNatura Follow the rithm of nature

uBMS Urban butterflies citizen observatory

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Enhancing citizen science data legitimacy and fitness for real-world

Citizen science can help authorities and projects obtain evidence, with the potential to eventually inform environmental policy-making. However, the acceptance of citizen science data must be hastened, and full acceptance will only be possible once data and information sharing is ensured. For this reason CREAF is collaborating with different groups specializing in data science in order to improve communication of data between different platforms; this includes, for instance, increasing interoperability and standardization of data and metadata.

Public Engagement


CREAF aims for more open and inclusive research and innovation in which society can be listened to, awarded relevant input and influence during all stages of R&I.

Through our varied public engagement activities, we aim to raise awareness of advances in state of the art knowledge in climate change, biodiversity and ecology research, promote wide engagement, via dialogue, on issues of public concern and inspire the next generations of researchers and citizens.

Three inspiring success stories of Public Engagement

BeWater Participative project to create sustainable water magament plans

TorDelta Participatory process for the sustainable management of the Tordera delta 

SIMWOOD Participatory process to encourage the use of forest biomass

Fundació Caixa d'Enginyers

The citizen science promoted by CREAF has the support of the Caixa d'Enginyers Foundation