AgriCarboniCat - Dinàmica del carboni en agrosistemes
Regional Projects
Project duration: 
Jan 2022 to Dec 2025


It is crucial to define, develop and promote agricultural practices that maximize soil organic carbon sequestration and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and transfer them efficiently to the productive sector, since these are part of the solution to guarantee the continuity of the primary sector and rural development. The AgriCarboniCAT project - Dynamics of carbon in agrosystems - focuses on reducing the concentration of GHG in the atmosphere through a double pathway, the mitigation of emissions and the increase of carbon sequestration in agriculture in Catalonia, and the contribution of methods of quantification and monitoring of GHG sequestration and emissions. This project proposes the identification and optimization of agricultural practices to mitigate the effects of climate change, that is, that mitigate GHG emissions and/or favor the sequestration of C in the soil in the main crops in Catalonia. It proposes the review of agricultural mitigation practices, including those that are already being implemented in the Catalan territory, as well as those proposed in the scientific-technical literature, analyzing their efficiency, mitigation potential and techno-economic feasibility of implementation.

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