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Project duration: 
Jan 2019


The 50 most successful European in the Horizon 2020 share 3 key elements: 1) a high level support service to research staff, 2) a real impact of the research they develop and 3) excellence in their international reputation. CREAF started improving its excellence in research with the MEDECO-HUB (2014 call for Dinamization Actions). Today, CREAF provides a comprehensive support service to project proposals that has contributed to an increase in the number of proposals submitted. However, there is still a need to improve their success rate and to enhance the attraction and retention of international talent.


1) Consolidate the high-level support service. Contracting a software for the identification of funding opportunities, creating internal communication channels, increasing the number of evaluators in European proposals and to stimulate leadership in them. Finally, the aim is to improve the support service for ERC and MSCA candidates and to use EURAXESS portal.
2) Improve the impact of the proposals for European projects. To this end, the support for writing the impact of the proposals will be improved, the knowledge on RRI will also be updated. Likewise, the Gender Dimension and Diversity will be improved in all proposals. CREAF's relationships with Spanish companies will be fostered to engage them in H2020 proposals.
3) To achieve excellence in international reputation. To this end, strategies will be implemented for the creation of an employing brand and the international dissemination of CREAF. Promotional material and the participation with international networks will also be improved and the drafting of strategic projects.

Proyecto ECT2019-000576 financiado por MCIN/ AEI /10.13039/501100011033

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