METACC Maresme
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Nov 2021 to Dec 2023


The Maresme County Council has unanimously approved the Climate Emergency Situation Declaration in March 2021, identifying the Maresme as a highly vulnerable territory to the effects of climate change. The Council is committed to achieve the objectives of mitigation of its greenhouse gas emissions and to adapt the region to the effects of climate change. The constitution of a Working Group for Adaptation to Climate Change (METACC) is one of the Declarations' priority committments. The METACC is a participatory tool, engaging researchers, civil society, economic agents and public authorities, with the aim to identify and prioritize most urgent measures to be adopted according to the changing climate.

With the collaboration of CREAF, innovative approaches in governance are put into practice, providing concepts and methodologies for the development of METACC deployment processes. In the first year, the Mitigation and Adaptation Strategy for the Maresme Region was analyzed with a scientific committee, allowing to identify co-benefits between measures, associated risks and provide examples and reference studies. In the second year, these measures were proposed in each of the Municipal Councils, seeking synergies with local priorities and needs. After having integrated all the results obtained, the Regional Council has approved the Strategy. Work is currently underway to establish a Maresme Climate Change Agency to accompany the implementation process with a 2030 horizon.

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