Office: C5b/-112

I have a PHD in Terrestrial Ecology and a degree in Environmental Sciences from Autonomous University of Barcelona (2004) also a master's degree in Soil Science from the University of Lleida (2008). Active member of the Catalan Institute of Agrarian Studies, the Spanish Society for Soil Sciences and the Society for Ecological Restoration.

My research focuses on the field of ecological restoration and rehabilitation of degraded soils. In terms of technology and knowledge transfer I works on developing tools for monitoring the restoration process and success, as well as in the design of new techniques for technosoils creation. In this regard we have developed a protocol for the evaluation of the restoration of mining activities, which sets guidelines for the monitoring and evaluation of the restoration work carried out in this type of activity.

Moreover, I am specialized in the valorization of organic waste in soil remediation. In this field we have developed an environmental management system for sewage sludge application on restoration, ensuring the correct application of these residues in soil remediation. This tool is currently being used by both the competent Administration and companies that perform this type of works.

Since 2015 I am part of the Working Group on restoration of mining activities, which aims to set the foundations for a new regulatory framework.


Research areas:

Soil protection, Ecological restoration, Rehabilitation of quarries, Valorization of organic wastes, Technosols, Remote sensing.