Office: C5/058

I hold a PhD in Ecology by the University of Granada (2011), and I am currently an ecology and soil science researcher at CREAF. Since March 2020, I am also Serra Hunter Assistant Professor at the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

My research focuses on the effects of global change and ecosystem perturbations (e.g.: warming, drought, N deposition, wildfires, management, etc.) on soil microbial activity, soil community composition and plant-soil interactions from tropical to high-latitude ecosystems.

One of my major interests is to investigate how climate change impacts the C and N biogeochemical cycles, the physiology of soil microbes and the consequences for ecosystems stoichiometry and C sequestration. For that, I currently work in geothermally warmed grasslands in Iceland, thawing peatlands in Sweden and in long-term research sites in Mediterranean ecosystems. I am also interested on the evaluation of silvicultural and agricultural practices for a sustainable ecological and biogeochemical functioning of agroecosystems and natural ecosystems.