Office:  C5/1072

Professor of the Spanish Research Council (CSIC) and researcher at CREAF. Doctorate in Biology by the University of Barcelona (1987). I was associated professor (Prof. Titular) at the University of Barcelona (Department of Ecology, 1989-2001) and director of the Centre for High-Mountain Research (CRAM). In late 2001, I joined the Centre for Advanced Studies of Blanes (CEAB) as a CSIC research professor, where I established a research group on freshwater ecology. In 2012, I joined CREAF.

My research seeks to study present and past environmental changes from an ecological perspective, emphasizing those aspects that can be addressed through freshwater ecosystems. Streams and lakes are hot spots of information about the processes occurring in the catchment and the atmospheric forcing at regional scales. Current issues related to global change provide inspiration and societal interest links that fuel our interest in deepening into the fundamentals of Nature’s dynamics and the historical development of the evolutionary life process on Earth.



Biodiversity, Ecology for global change, Evolutive ecology, Environmental reconstructions