National Projects
Project duration: 
Dec 2005 to Dec 2008

Analysis and modeling of the demographic processes which control the sexual regeneration of Mediterranean holm oaks and oaks in different ecological and management scenarios (PROCEDE).


The holm oak and oak woods prevalent in many Mediterranean areas have serious problems ofsexual regeneration. In Quercus there is great inter-annual variability in the production of acorns, a high level of parasitism and depredation, secondary dispersal by animals and ratherrestricted germination and establishment conditions.
The objective of the PROCEDE project, carried out in conjunction with the Pyrenean Institute of Ecology (IPE), the Centre for Research and Technology (CITA) and the Catalan Technology and Forestry Centre (CTFC) is to assess the degree to which these factors and processes control theregeneration of holm oaks and oaks in different scenarios (fires or drought). The project also aims to develop a model to predict regeneration on the basis of structural and environmental variables.


  • transport atmosfèric i la deposició de partícules africanes en el nord-est de la península