CREAF has an artistic residency that aims to foster creativity and generate a fertile dialogue between science and art that contributes to generate knowledge and reflections in the field of ecology and global change.

Call for proposals Ecotons 2024 - 2025

Our Art & Ecological Science Residency

This residency was born in 2021 as an internal initiative of the Ecotons group, which since then works to promote proposals and activities around art and science. We firmly believe in the benefits derived from the intersection of both disciplines.

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The Ecotons 2024-2025 call for artistic research and experimentation projects will open at the end of 2024.


The winning proposal will have a space to experiment, learn and research in a transversal way and from a scientific-cultural vision of the biosphere and the great current environmental challenges, such as climate change, biodiversity loss or water management.


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Previous artistic residencies

Ecotons CREAF - Museo de la Vida Rural


Última, a research and scenic creation company, proposes a historical and political revision of the idea of nature. From the texts of the classical idylls, different forms of nostalgia towards an idea of nature of which the human being is not a part are explored in the face of the challenges of global change.

Alejandro Santaflorentina

Alejandro Santaflorentina

Noemí Costa


Clàudia Barberà


Their residency at CREAF has experimented with the creation of stories that have plants as protagonists. They are mainly interested in exploring how to alter the utilitarian gaze that understands plant species as inert beings with which there is no reciprocity, but a unilateral relationship that we use or contemplate.

With this project they aim to alter our perception of the environment, as well as to connect us with other forms of life, breaking with anthropocentrism. This exploration has been carried out through various artistic disciplines shared by the artists involved, from architecture or audiovisual production to literary creation and theater.

Imatge del projecte Idil·li

Ecotons CREAF - La Escocesa

Temps al Bosc. Atles biodivers d’instants possibles

Artists Rosa Llop and Gemma Paris challenge the accelerated perception of time and compare it with the extensive and cyclical experience of time in nature, where nothing is urgent or forever. They seek evidence on how to live the passing of time in a more sustainable, imprecise and connected way in the timelines offered by the biodiversity of the forest.

The research took place through various drifts in which a careful observation and cataloguing of the temporalities present in the forest took place, looking for evidence of how nature represents time in the Can Balasc environment. The residents guided CREAF artists and scientists with the aim of speculating together on different ways of conceptualizing time through words, strokes, movement and other artistic techniques.

The result of this collective and transdisciplinary project has been the creation of a biodiverse and imprecise atlas that gathers all these possible timelines and opens the door to perceive time as something infinite that admits all possibilities.

Imatge del projecte, temps al Bosc

Ecotons CREAF - La Escocesa

Future forest diorama

The artistic research of Carola Moujan and Agustín Ortiz Herrera at CREAF has focused on their shared interest in plant communities and the possibility of speculating on possible transpositions of the sophisticated principles of communication, cooperation and interaction with the environment that plants develop in other environments.

Taking the forest ecosystem and, in particular, the Collserola Natural Park as the basis of their study, both artists have tried to understand how these cooperation networks are organized, what parameters are involved in their constitution, development and evolution.

This work has been the preamble and the basis for developing the Future Forest Diorama, an installation consisting of a network of terrariums built inside discarded objects. In each of them, a homeostatic system regulates the living conditions, such as humidity, temperature and air quality. Like botanical communities, they are connected to each other and control the surrounding activity through simple networks of machines and interacting through sounds, air movements and light modulations.

 Imatge del projecte, Diorama del bosc del futur

Ecotones are transition zones between different ecological communities, marginal places where different realities come into contact, generating tensions, but also unexpected fertility.

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Other Ecotons activities

19 February 2024

La forêt noire. Disidencias del bosque mediterràneo.

Round table with Jordi Martínez Vilalta, Iván Pérez Lorenzo and Paula Bruna on the forest imaginary of modern Europe.


07 February 2024

Plantocene, Chthulucene and other stories.

A conversation inspired by Donna Haraway's tentacular thinking with Paula Bruna and Helen Torres in collaboration with Metàfora Studio Arts.


27 June 2023

Embolismo por soleá. Diálogo performativo.

Dialogue with Paula Bruna and Jordi Martínez-Vilalta to establish a communication between humans and trees in the context of global change through flamenco.



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The ECOTONS artistic residency of CREAF is part of the Severo Ochoa “ULandscape” funded in 2019 by the Agencia Estatal de Investigación of the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation to support Research Centres of Excellence.

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