Project duration: 
Sep 2023 to Aug 2025


Global change is causing an unprecedented loss of biodiversity, altering ecosystem functioning and the delivery of services upon human societies depend. Yet, some invasive species and urban exploiters are doing better than ever, generating social, economic and health problems. Despite important advances, reliably predicting how global change will impact on biodiversity remains a major challenge, limiting our ability to anticipate alterations in ecosystem functioning and services.


By bringing together researchers concerned about the loss of biodiversity from various perspectives, the EcoEvoChange platform is expected to 1) strength current theory, 2) build capacity in data generation and analysis, 3) strength and expand collaborations within and outside the group; 4) create a stimulating research environment, and 5) offer a flexible platform for integration of stakeholders needs. The ultimate goal is to advance towards a more predictive theory of biodiversity responses to global change.

  • EcoEvoChange