Project duration: 
Jul 2021

The Catalan Forest Laboratory is a joint initiative of CREAF and the Centre of Forest Science and Technology of Catalonia (CTFC) to make available to the public, expert or beginner, the information and data related to forests generated in the two research centers.


The data available in the LFC has been preprocessed by CREAF and CTFC researchers and technicians in order to minimize errors in the processing of raw data. In this way, the LFC becomes the starting point for researchers, students, managers or administrative staff to have access to the data necessary to carry out their work. Thus, the LFC offers a window to know better the forests of Catalonia through a series of web applications:

  • IFN App: Access, view and download data from the National Forest Inventory in Catalonia.
  • Allometr App: Calculates new variables from equations designed for species and different geographical areas (for all of Spain).
  • FES App:Visualize and download the data of the ecosystem services of the forests of Catalonia.
  • LiDAR App: Access, visualize and calculate forest variables from LiDAR data in Catalonia.
  • Deboscat App:View and download information about forest decay episodes related to drought in Catalonia.
  • Meteoland App: Daily weather estimates for all Catalonia.
  • CatDrought App: Daily estimates of water balance and soil moisture in the forests of Catalonia.

The data available in the different apps are presented with an intuitive and easy to use cartographic viewer and can be downloaded in different formats.

  • LFC prediccion
  • LFC prediccion 02