Office: C5b/112

BSc in Biology (2017) and MSc in Ecology, Environmental Management and Restoration (2018), both completed at Universitat de Barcelona.

During the Bachelor’s and Master’s thesis she studied the annual cycle of the epiphytic diatoms from the Montcortès lake (Pallars Sobirà, Catalunya), and how the diatom community of the lake has changed over the last 300 years as a response to climate change and other anthropogenic factors. In April 2019 she started a PhD at CREAF under the supervision of Dr. Jordi Catalan and Dr. Marisol Felip, with the aim of finding out which the eco-evolutionary basis for the ecological segregation of diatom species is along pH and alkalinity gradients. The high-mountain lakes of the Pyrenees encompass a wide range of these two variables, which makes them ideal for her research.