After 45 years of studying ants I came to the conclusion that it was worth devoting much more effort to them. A deep knowledge of their diversification has allowed me to address other biological aspects of ants. Their ubiquity and the huge numbers of individuals have permitted the evolution of an extraordinary diversity of interactions with other insects, worms, several plants, fungi, and even some vertebrates. I keep learning that there are many ways to look at them, from many different perspectives. Lately, I've found that external or internal parasites of ants are an exciting subject, from an epidemiological point of view. I miss having appropriate analytical tools for working seriously in this field.



Ants from Iberia Balearis Maghreb and Macaronesia, Ant ecology, Interaccions tròfiques en comunitats d'artròpodes

Forensic analysis of ants as contaminants of goods or apparatuses.