Office: C5/1066

My name is Mireia Querol Rovira, I am from Barcelona and I studied Biology at the UAB and a Master in Environmental Studies at the UB.
As a zoologist I like to know everything related to animals, but as a person with multiple interests I am fascinated by everything that has to do with biodiversity in general and its conservation. As an example, I participate in projects that monitor a more sustainable model of agriculture thanks to the tracking of vertebrates and butterflies. I am also interested in the rehabilitation of injured wildlife, the reproduction and reintroduction of vulnerable species, the interaction between fauna and flora and plant communication. At CREAF I am part of the project that studies the ecological status of monumental trees in Catalonia with Sandra Saura Mas.

I also can't help telling other people about the wonders of nature. That's why since I started in the world of environmental education and science communication, I have been a high school teacher and I have ended up creating my project in