Office: CM7/8

She obtained her PhD in Biology in 2016 at Jagiellonian University (Kraków, Poland) and at Vrije Universiteit in (Amsterdam, the Netherlands). During her PhD studies she worked assessing the impact of metal pollution on genetic variation in natural populations of soil invertebrates. She also conducted research on cryptic speciation in earthworms and centipedes.

At CREAF she works at researcher Oriol Lapiedra laboartory. Before her position as a postdoctoral researcher at CREAF as a MSCA fellow, she worked with the CIBIO-InBIO (Portugal) and York University (Toronto, Canada), among others. In CIBIO-InBIO she worked on genetics of coat colour change in boreal species, including hares and weasels. She used NGS data to look for genes involved in seasonal moulting. At York University she was involved in researching Evolutionary Biology, to answer questions related to the decline of bee populations.

Her field of study includes evolutionary genomics, population, genetics and molecular ecology.