Life+ projects
Project duration: 
Jul 2020 to Dec 2024

Test of different technologies to support forest and agricultural plantations in arid and semi-arid climates, and establishment of a plantation monitoring system based on citizen science.


In the Mediterranean area, the impacts of climate change are becoming increasingly perceptible and severe. Many semi-arid regions are suffering significant declines in water availability and temperature increases. This has led to faster desertification and more forest fires. It is necessary to implement adaptation measures aimed at reducing the vulnerability of these ecosystems and strengthening their resilience. LIFE Nieblas aims to evaluate the mitigation of the different impacts and effects of climate change by testing innovative typologies of reforestation that, based on the collection of fog water, do not significantly increase the carbon footprint (and in any case will generate a lower carbon footprint than the traditional typology), comparing them with the traditional typology taking into account: their effectiveness and their costs and benefits, including as far as possible the externalities they produce.
The main goals of the project are:
• Demonstrate and disseminate the effectiveness, efficiency and capacity of the innovative typologies and the equipment linked to them in contrast to traditional typologies.
• Create synergies between the results of the Project and reforestation, environmental, agrarian, and energy and water management sectors and policies in the EU
• Awareness and consciousness raising on the relevance of forest covers (and specially the laurel one) regarding water resources; showing the environmental (and for the improvement of the resilience to Climate Change) importance of its conservation, recovery, and extension.