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Project duration: 
Jan 2005 to Nov 2013

The purpose of this project, commissioned by the Dirección General del Medio Natural, is to create a system to represent the risk of forest fire incorporating the information and knowledge acquired over recent years, as well as new knowledge and information.


This improvement aims: 1) to fine tune the forecast of fire risk and 2) to automate the processes of generation, integration and analysis of all the factors which need to be taken into account when generating the daily forest fire risk map. The improvement is carried out through: 1) the integration of lines of work and methodology into an open and manageable modular tool and 2) the improvement of the methodologies used by means of applied research.
The main tasks carried out correspond to the creation or enhancement of various layers of geographical information which are useful in determining the risk of fire. Among others, these include the cover of vegetation load, combustible material and flammability maps and the forest mass continuity map. The relationship is also being studied between the perimeters of fires over the last 30 years and the physiographical and vegetation characteristics of the zones burned in those fires. Work is also being done to generate and determine the risk assessment criteria and the contribution of each of the layers used to produce the final fire risk map. Finally, the results of the improvement of the risk map are validated.
  • Mapa Perill Incendis
  • Mapa Combustibilitat