Contracts and agreements
Project duration: 
Jan 2002 to Feb 2013

The purpose of the Natural Heritage Information System (SIPAN) is to provide public administration with an integrated environment for the management and exploitation of information on the natural heritage.


 This project arose from the need to organize the growing volume of highly heterogeneous information on the natural heritage, including information on physical and biological elements (habitats, species, wet zones, etc.) and information on the management of those elements (protected natural spaces, measures adopted, reports, etc.). The types of data included in this information are also very varied (alphanumeric data, cartographic data, texts, images and other types of documents) and come from a wide range of computer sources and formats.
One of SIPAN’s primary objectives is to design a data structure which, by reducing complexity and avoiding duplications and incoherences, will permit standardisation and integration in the form of a relational database managed by Oracle. A second objective is to design and implement a set of computer tools (in this case, in Java language) to permit the end user to maintain and search the information from a single computer environment (of a modular type which permits independent management of reports, catalogues and interventions). Finally, a third objective of the SIPAN project is to provide a platform for the public dissemination of information.