Contratos y convenios
Duración del proyecto: 
De Abr 2007 hasta Nov 2013
This new Land Cover and Use Information System of Spain (SIOSE), able to integrate different data of regional and national administrations, is a very ambitious project destined for being a Spanish and European reference as regards geographic information.


SIOSE is part of the National Land Monitoring Plan, managed and coordinated by the IGN, which hopes to achieve a multidisciplinary spatial data infrastructure, periodically updated, for the Spanish national and regional administrations. SIOSE is being produced between 2006-2009, in a decentralized and cooperative production model by Spanish National and Regional administrations. This projects has been designed according to the main INSPIRE principles, and ISO TC/211 standards, moving from previous hierarchical land cover databases towards a land cover feature data model, able to describe the different land cover classes in the territory, but also their environmental parameters. This complex and strong description of each land cover occurrence will allow obtaining environmental key indicator from SIOSE data.
In Catalonia, the legend of SIOSE corresponds to level 4 of  the MCSC-3 legend (Land Cover Map, 3rd edition).
  • SIOSE Sistema d'informació de l'ocupació del sòl d'Espanya