Office: C5b-032
I have a background in Biology from the University of Barcelona (B.Sc., Ph.D.). Currently, I am Professor of Ecology at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. My research was in hydrology and biogeochemistry of forested ecosystems, water transport in woody plants, and forest fires, but now my main interest lies on the study of trophic interactions in arthropod-dominated terrestrial communities. In particular, my goal is to establish the food web in these communities. The methodology I use includes field experiments, modelling, and diet analysis using stable isotopes and the identification of prey DNA remains in predator’s gut. I teach ecology and modelling; in 2006 I published a textbook that combines these two topics: Ecología con números.



Interaccions tròfiques en comunitats d'artròpodes, Use of stable isotops for the study of diets, Use of DNA for the study of diets