AgriRegenCat - Xarxa de finques demostratives
Regional Projects
Project duration: 
Jan 2022 to Dec 2025


The AgriRegenCAT project - Network of Demonstration Farms - focuses on developing and implementing critical elements to respond to climate urgency, and the projections of environmental, social and market changes for the coming decades. Based on the holistic promotion of the future competitiveness of the agricultural sector in Catalonia, it is proposed to research, develop, inform and demonstrate the potential and key role that regenerative agriculture and agroecology have in our country. It is about identifying, developing and implementing the practices with the most potential at the local level with respect to a multitude of agronomic, environmental and economic indicators, with a farmer-centred point of view, which will be key to bringing this knowledge into practice.


The main objective of the project is to support the transformation of Catalan agri-food activity and implement elements of regenerative agriculture, agroecology and the bioeconomy while maintaining and even increasing agricultural productivity.


The actions of the project will contribute to the sustainable transition of agriculture by increasing its competitiveness and resilience. Through the introduction of new management models and innovative practices (e.g. creation of a territorial and multi-stakeholder initiative with the potential to boost the generation of a critical mass of knowledge and good practical examples with transformative impact ) the adoption of systemic changes in Catalan (Mediterranean) agriculture will be promoted.


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