Office: C5B/048.1
Dr. Miquel Riba has been conducting his research activities in several topics within the general field of Evolutionary Ecology. The currently relevant research aims at understanding global demographic and evolutionary patterns and processes accounting for plant biodiversity in the Western Mediterranean area and its applicability in Conservation Biology management.
The studies carried out so far cover and integrate quite distinct methodological approaches, among them: demographical analyses to assess long term population dynamics, the use of molecular markers and population genetics to determine within and among population genetic structure, and the use of quantitative genetic methods to characterize the role of selection and local adaptation in species persistence and diversification.


Evolution of dispersal, Interactions between gene flow and natural selection, Relationship between microevolutionary processes and speciation

Interactions between demographic and evolutionary dynamics in plant populations and metapopulations, Consequences of population spatial structure and environmental gradients on local adaptation extinction and speciation.