Office: C5/1108
I am PhD in Biology and degree in Farmacology and Chemistry, Master in Terrestrial Ecology and Master in Analytical Chemistry. My main fields of research are biogeochemistry, global change impacts on terrestrial ecosystem function and structure, ecological stoichiometry, ecometabolomics and meta data anlysis in these fields.
I have published more than 110 of ISI indeded manuscripts and more than 60 manuscripts in other journals and book chapters. I am actually senior Researcer in the Global Ecology Unit CSIC-CREAF-UAB and editor of Global Change Biology and Plant and Soil.



Chemical ecology, ecotoxicology and metabolomics, Reserves and flows of carbon and nutrients , Species interactions

Development of ecometabolomics studies, Development of ecological studies by the integral use of stoichiometric and metabolomic analyses., Development of global maps of nutrient balances.