European Union Projects
Project duration: 
May 2018 to May 2022

The project aims to test natural-based solutions to counteract the increasing risk of hydrogeological disasters in the EU mountan regions, associated to growing frequency of extreme climate events.


Natural-based solutions include land-use changes, definition of suitable management practices, soil stabilization with plants or bacteria (above the tree-line, for example) and other options that must be debated with local stakeholders involved in land-management.

Large-scale demonstration sites include three contrasting regions: the Serchio River Basin (Italy),  the Gudbrandsdalen Valley (Norway) and the Pyrenees (Spain-France-Andorra). Successful solutions and processes will be extrapolated and adapted to two additional sites: the Kaunertal Valley (Austria) and the Isar River Basin (Germany).

CREAF has been called to evaluate the proposed solutions based on environmental indicators at different scales, including carbon sequestration,  above- and belowground diodiversity, wildfire risk, stability of environmental services provided by soil.