Offer period: 
20 Jul 2023 to 30 Jul 2023
Offer ID: 23-042-62829Resolved

CREAF is seeking a research technician to work in the Community4Nature project (developed in the framework of the Interreg Euro-MED Programme Mission 2 on Protecting, Restoring, and Valorising the Natural Environment and Heritage), with ref. Euro-MED0300730 and co-funded by the European Union.

The person selected will collaborate with the group of water and global change, to support the work on governance for adaptation to climate change, aiming at improving research results to be integrated into decision-making processes and induce transformative adaptation of society with the aim of improving the management of natural resources and face of the impacts of climate change.

A part-time contract (50%; 18.75 hours/week) is offered for 1 year, foreseen to start on October 1, 2023, and the contract will be linked to the budgets of the project described above ("scientific-technical activities", according to Law 14/2011), but the contract may be extended to full-time contract from January 2024, if a budget is available for participation in another project. The salary offered is €14,085.71/gross per year (for part-time contract).


- Technical support for collaboration programs with national and international public administrations (Europe and the Mediterranean).
- Technical support for writing new proposals.
- Technical support for the analysis of natural resource management policies, pilot cases and examples of good practice, and the generation of tailored management options.
- Technical support for the development, analysis, and promotion of strategies, plans and adaptation measures.
- Technical support for the promotion and management of knowledge mobilization and transfer processes towards different actors, including the development of methodologies for the identification and evaluation of solutions, as well as the development of quantitative and semi-quantitative methodologies to give support for all these processes.
- Technical support for the creation and management of actor maps, expert groups and advisory bodies.


- Bachelor's degree or equivalent with training in Environmental Biology, Environmental Sciences, Biology or similar.
- Basic knowledge of Political Ecology.
- Experience in the analysis of environmental policies for adaptation to climate change, especially in the Mediterranean.
- Experience in the implementation of living labs, governance, consultation and deliberative spaces and workshop facilitation.
- Previous experience in providing technical support to national and European projects.
- Experience in the promotion of open science: fluency in programming and data analysis aimed at obtaining communicable results, graphics and infographics.
- Accredited experience in the synthesis of conclusions, mail management, organization and work planning.
- Accredited experience in scientific literature reviewing and synthesizing knowledge in a suitable format for transfer.
- Ability to coordinate groups and communicate with project partners.
- Advanced level of oral and written English, Spanish and Catalan, intermediate level of French.
- Fluency in presenting ideas and debating in public, as well as moderation skills.


- Master's and/or doctorate in Water Management, Terrestrial Ecology, nature conservation or equivalent.
- Accredited experience in the preparation of project deliverables and other technical justification tasks for projects.
- Experience in participating in international research groups, especially in the Mediterranean.
- Basic knowledge of the Catalan, Spanish and European political and institutional framework for climate change and natural resource management.
- Experience in stakeholder identification and involvement processes.
- Peer-reviewed articles and publications on environmental science and climate change topics.
- Ability to disseminate scientific results in specific formats, such as infographics or 'policy briefs'.
- Experience in design and implementation of communication strategies.
- Proficiency in Italian or other languages.
- Autonomy, flexibility, responsibility, and ability to work in a team.
- Driving license.
- Candidates who have a recognized disability and accredited equal to or greater than 33% will be prioritized, if the disability is compatible with the proper performance of the job.


1. Admission of candidates: applicants must submit a curriculum vitae and a cover letter (maximum 500 words), by e-mail to, until June 30th, 2023, indicating the reference code of the offer. Applications referred to another portal, other than CREAF job openings section and the instructions included in this, will not be accepted.
2. Pre-selection: determination of compliance with the minimum requirements of the offer.
3. Selection: assessment of the preselected candidates by scoring based on objective criteria.
4. Final decision: in case of finding the suitable person, the election will be formally communicated to him/her, and the identification of the chosen person will be published on CREAF job opening section.

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