Offer period: 
30 Mar 2023 to 10 Apr 2023
Offer ID: 23-019-29790Resolved

The CREAF is looking to hire a communication technician to support the management of communication for the AD4GD project (“All Data 4 Green Deal - An Integrated, FAIR Approach for the Common European Data Space”), with ref. HORIZON-CL6-2021-GOVERNANCE-01-17-101061001 and OEMC (Open-Earth-Monitor - A cyberinfrastructure to accelerate uptake of environmental information and help build user communities at European and global levels) with ref. HORIZON-CL6-2021-101059548 projects, both from the Horizon Europe program and financed by the European Union. 

This person will work directly with the principal investigator of both research projects in coordination with the CREAF Communication team.

AD4GD is an HEurope project of the European Commission that aims to co-create and shape the European Green Deal Data Space as an open center of data and FAIR standard-based services that support the key priorities of biodiversity, climate change, and pollution. The project will focus on the concepts of semantic and technological interoperability that currently prevent stakeholders from having multidisciplinary and multiscale access to data, and prevent the exploitation of processing services and platforms at different levels.

OEMC will increase the European capacity to generate timely, accurate, disaggregated, people-centered, and accessible environmental information (compatible with GSM) based on Earth observation data. This will be achieved by building a cyberinfrastructure anchored in the principles of FAIR data, leveraging and enhancing our existing platforms.

A full-time contract (37.5 hours/week), is offered, with a planned incorporation at ends of April 2023 and linked to the budget of the projects described above. The gross salary offered is €27,212.20 annually.


- Support communication for the AD4GD project:

  • Coordinate the Communication Plan.
  • Manage the project's social media account (create and publish content, interact, analyze).
  • Plan content and dissemination campaigns for social networks.
  • Write press releases, news, and calls to action.
  • Publish content on the AD4GD project website and participate in the website's update and design.
  • Create and send periodic newsletters.
  • Organize workshops, conferences, and other events.
  • Support in the collection and dissemination of project results and publications.
  • Create audiovisual and infographic products.

- Support communication for the OEMC project:

  • Coordinate the Communication Plan.
  • Plan content and campaigns for the project's social networks.
  • Manage social networks (create content, interact, analyze).
  • Participate in the preparation of quarterly newsletters.
  • Support in organizing datathons, hackathons, and other scientific-technical events.
  • Support in the collection and dissemination of project results and publications.
  • General improvement of the webs that Grumets group maintains, collaboration in the maintenance of the activity of their social networks, and some written materials.


- Bachelor's degree or equivalent in a scientific field (physics, nanotechnology, mathematics, etc.)
- Master's degree in history of science, scientific communication or equivalent.
- Accredited experience in using and updating websites in Drupal and WordPress.
- Accredited experience in managing social media in the scientific field.
- Accredited experience in using basic layout and mailing tools (CANVA and Mailchimp).
- Accredited experience in disseminating projects in the field of Earth Observation and managing FAIR data.
- Accredited experience in European projects.
- Experience in organizing scientific events (workshops, conferences, round tables, etc.).
- Good knowledge of Catalan, Spanish and English.


- Experience in using team organization tools such as Slack, Mattermost, or equivalent.
- Knowledge of photography, animation, or video.
- Experience in developing communication plans at the European level.
- Experience in project coordination.
- Experience in scientific outreach activities (physics, nanotechnology, biotechnology, etc.).
- Ability to work in a team, communicate effectively, work independently, and provide leadership
- Willingness to learn HTML. bootstrap and other standard technologies for the web.
- Candidates who have a recognized disability and accredited equal to or greater than 33% will be prioritized, as long as the disability is compatible with the proper performance of the job.


1. Admission of candidates: applicants must submit a CV, a cover letter (maximum 500 words, also in English) and the questionnaire attached to the offer (filled), by e-mail to, until April 10th, 2023, indicating the reference code of the offer. Applications referred to another portal, other than CREAF job openings section and the instructions included in this, will not be accepted.
2. Pre-selection: determination of compliance with the minimum requirements of the offer.
3. Selection: assessment of the preselected candidates by scoring based on objective criteria.
4. Final decision: in case of finding the suitable person, the election will be formally communicated to him/her, and the identification of the chosen person will be published on CREAF job openings section.

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