Life+ projects
Project duration: 
Oct 2023 to Apr 2031


The new project Life Pyrenees4Clima aims at implementing the Pyrenees Climate Change Strategy (EPiCC), the first European initiative created for a cross-border mountain bioregion, and in which CREAF has been involved. The Strategy aims at cooperating to achieve adaptation to climate change, integrating mitigation actions and focusing on the climate, the mountain economy, the population and the territory. One of its values is the active participation of the seven territories of the Working Community of the Pyrenees: Andorra, Aragon, Catalonia, the Basque Country, New Aquitaine and Occitania. Thus, governance between sectors and regions is a cornerstone of the project. Resilience to climate change in the Pyrenees is the focus of the project, which involves CREAF together with 46 organizations from Andorra, Spain and France. The initiative focuses on identifying measures for adapting to global warming that can be applied to the agroforestry, forestry and mountain areas of this mountain range as a whole. The strong desire for cross-border action and the scale of the objectives mean that the partners also include more than 40 external beneficiary entities: research centers, universities, public companies, European Groupings of Territorial Cooperation, associations, companies and foundations, among others.

CREAF is represented by Bernat Claramunt, Diana Pascual, Eduard Pla and Javier Retana, who are in charge of the sections on resilient mountain economy, promoting agroforestry and pastoral systems and training and raising awareness among key people and inhabitants of the Pyrenees. In addition, they are in charge of innovative pilot experiences to improve the valorization and adaptation of Pyrenean forests to climate change. Among other responsibilities, CREAF will develop a tool to support decision-making and management, and will promote citizen science initiatives.