Project duration: 
Jan 2024 to Jun 2025


This project is aimed at updating the knowledge available in Spain about the different species of bats, considering their populations, trends, distribution and conservation status. This information, together with that provided by the various autonomous communities, will allow compliance with the reporting obligations on threatened mammal species and invasive exotic species contemplated in state and community regulations.

The main objectives are:
• Constitute a reference inventory at a state level to know the cartographic distribution, conservation status, trends and population of Spanish bats, including native species and invasive exotic species.
• Generate digital information based on distribution cartographic data and its field areas or potential habitats.
• Generate scientific information about bat species. This information will be applicable to the updating of state legal protection instruments (List of Wild Species under Special Protection Regime and Spanish Catalogue of Endangered Species), as well as to the Spanish Catalogue of Invasive Exotic Species.
• Promote coordination and exchange of information to have updated information for the management of wild mammal fauna.
• Update the Atlas of terrestrial mammal species in Spain, including a specific analysis of the impact that climate change will have on bat species, considering the main climatic scenarios contemplated.
• Nurture the data model that integrates the information from the Data Bank of the General Directorate of Biodiversity, Forests and Desertification of the Government of Spain.